Kerala Lottery result Today 2021 Today

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Kerala Lottery result Today 2021 Today

Kerala Lottery Result Today
Today Kerala Lottery Result


Kerala State Lotteries Results Official

Kerala Lottery Result 2021

Latest Kerala Lottery Results Published

Draw DateCheck Result LinkDownload or Print Result
05.03.2021Kerala Lottery Nirmal(NR-214)🖶 Result Download
04.03.2021Kerala Lottery Karunya Plus(KN-358)🖶 Result Download
03.03.2021Kerala Lottery Akshaya(AK-487)🖶 Result Download
02.03.2021Kerala Lottery Sthree Sakthi(SS-250)🖶 Result Download
01.03.2021Kerala Lottery Win Win(W-605)🖶 Result Download
27.02.2021Kerala Lottery Karunya(KR-488)🖶 Result Download
26.02.2021Kerala Lottery Nirmal(NR-213)🖶 Result Download
25.02.2021Kerala Lottery Karunya Plus(KN-357)🖶 Result Download
24.02.2021Kerala Lottery Akshaya(AK-486)🖶 Result Download
23.02.2021Kerala Lottery Sthree Sakthi(SS-249)🖶 Result Download
22.02.2021Kerala Lottery Win Win(W-604)🖶 Result Download
20.02.2021Kerala Lottery Karunya(KR-487)🖶 Result Download
19.02.2021Kerala Lottery Nirmal(NR-212)🖶 Result Download
18.02.2021Kerala Lottery Karunya Plus(KN-356)🖶 Result Download
17.02.2021Kerala Lottery Akshaya(AK-485)🖶 Result Download
16.02.2021Kerala Lottery Sthree Sakthi(SS-248)🖶 Result Download
15.02.2021Kerala Lottery Win Win(W-603)🖶 Result Download
13.02.2021Kerala Lottery Karunya(KR-486)🖶 Result Download
12.02.2021Kerala Lottery Nirmal(NR-211)🖶 Result Download
11.02.2021Kerala Lottery Karunya Plus(KN-355)🖶 Result Download
10.02.2021Kerala Lottery Akshaya(AK-484)🖶 Result Download
09.02.2021Kerala Lottery Sthree Sakthi(SS-247)🖶 Result Download
08.02.2021Kerala Lottery Win Win(W-602)🖶 Result Download
06.02.2021Kerala Lottery Karunya(KR-485)🖶 Result Download
05.02.2021Kerala Lottery Nirmal(NR-210)🖶 Result Download
04.02.2021Kerala Lottery Karunya Plus(KN-354)🖶 Result Download
03.02.2021Kerala Lottery Akshaya(AK-483)🖶 Result Download
02.02.2021Kerala Lottery Sthree Sakthi(SS-246)🖶 Result Download
01.02.2021Kerala Lottery Win Win(W-601)🖶 Result Download
30.01.2021Kerala Lottery Karunya(KR-484)🖶 Result Download
29.01.2021Kerala Lottery Nirmal(NR-209)🖶 Result Download
27.01.2021Kerala lottery Akshya(AK-482)🖶 Result Download

Kerala Lottery Result

People can get a detailed list of awards in the next section. The Government of Kerala will announce the Kerala Lottery Result today 2020 at 3 PM. People who buy the Lottery Ticket, they can check the Lottery Results Now.

Officers Kerala Lottery Result Today will announce the Lottery Result on their official website. People have to visit the official website of the organization to see the Lottery Results. You can access the detailed list of prizes below.

The Kerala Lottery Result Today Winning Prize amount is very attractive. The Government of Kerala has started the Lottery System for unemployed candidates. Those unemployed candidates can use the Lottery System to earn money.

Every Week the Government conducts various Lotteries. Various people participate in the lottery in Kerala Lottery Result Today. Every day Kerala lottery result published on the official website.

You will have to log into the official website to see the Kerala Lottery Result Today. The result will be available in pdf format. 

The PDF file will contain the Ticket number of the winning people. You will get a direct link to verify the results on the same page.

Be patient to see the Kerala Lottery Result Today. In the following table, you will recently announce the results of the lottery.

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Kerala Lottery Result 2020 FAQs

Q 1. Where to check Today Kerala lottery result?
 Today Official Kerala lottery result can be check from official website

Q 2. When will be Kerala lottery result available?
 Today lottery result will be available from 3 PM

Q 3. When Kerala lottery Karunya live-streaming starting?
 Today 2:55 PM onwards

Q 4. What is the today 1st prize for Pournami RN 437
Today 1st Prize is Rs.8,000,000

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