Live Kerala Lottery Result Chart 04.02.2023-Today Karunya KR 587 Results

Kerala Lottery Result Today Live Chart 04.02.2023: Check the Official Kerala Lottery Chart january 2023 Weekly Monthly, Lottery Kerala Result Chart Here, the Latest Lottery live result winning Prize amount ticket numbers are given below. KL Today Result at 03:00 PM. Win-Win Result, Sthree Sakthi, Akshaya, Karunya Plus, Live Nirmal, Karunya weekly lotteries, Bhagyamithra, Fifty Fifty, Kerala Monsoon Bumper Lottery Results 04/02/2023.

Kerala Lottery Result Chart

Live Kerala Lottery Result Chart 2023 - Results Today Live

കേരള ലോട്ടറി നറുക്കെടുപ്പ് ഫലം
Kerala State Lotteries

Official Kerala Lottery Chart - January 2023 @ 3:00 PM

Jackpot Today Result | KL Results - 04.02.2023

Draw Number: KR 587 - Draw Date: 04-02-2023 (Saturday)

Today 04.02.2023 Live KL Results Link are given below Please Check!
1st Prize and 2nd Prize Given Below Table.

Kerala Lottery Result Live Today Chart 04.02.2023

Kerala lottery live Results February 2023

Latest Kerala Lottery Result Chart

Kerala Weekly Lotteries Result Yesterday

Today Result Pdf Download
KL Lottery Result Pdf

Lottery Karunya KR 587 Winners List January 2023
Result Karunya weekly lotteries KR 587

X'mas Bumper BR-89 Result 19.01.2023 (New Year Bumper)

Official Kerala Lottery Result Live Today 04.02.2023

2023 Kerala Result Chart: The latest august 2022 Chart and postponed ticket results list are given below organized by lottery name and draw date you can check the KL Charts Download lottery result by clicking the view result link.

Today / Old Results Monthly February 2023

Live Kerala Lottery Result Today LiveDraw DateResult View
Karunya KR 587 Results Live04.02.2023View
Nirmal NR 314 Results03.02.2023View
Karunya Plus KN 455 Results02.02.2023View
Fifty Fifty FF 35 Results01.02.2023View
Sthree Sakthi SS 350 Results31.01.2023View
Win Win W 704 Results30.01.2023View
Akshaya AK 585 Results29.01.2023View
Fifty Fifty FF 34 Results25.01.2023View
Sthree Sakthi SS 349 Results24.01.2023View
Win Win W 703 Results23.01.2023View
Akshaya AK 584 Results22.01.2023View
Karunya KR 585 Results21.01.2023View
Nirmal NR 312 Results20.01.2023View
X'mas New Bumper BR 89 Results19.01.2023View
Fifty Fifty FF 33 Results18.01.2023View
Sthree Sakthi SS 348 Results17.01.2023View
Win Win W 702 Results16.01.2023View
Akshaya AK 583 Results15.01.2023View
Karunya KR 584 Results14.01.2023View
Nirmal NR 311 Results13.01.2023View
Karunya Plus KN 454 Results12.01.2023View
Fifty Fifty FF 32 Results11.01.2023View
Sthree Sakthi SS 347 Results10.01.2023View
Win Win W 701 Results09.01.2023View
Akshaya AK 582 Results08.01.2023View
Karunya KR 583 Results07.01.2023View
Nirmal NR 310 Results06.01.2023View
Karunya Plus KN 453 Results05.01.2023View
Fifty Fifty FF 31 Results04.01.2023View
Sthree Sakthi SS 346 Results03.01.2023View
Win Win W 700 Results02.01.2023View
Akshaya AK 581 Results01.01.2023View
Karunya KR 582 Results31.12.2022View
Nirmal NR 309 Results30.12.2022View
Karunya Plus KN 452 Results29.12.2022View
Fifty Fifty FF 30 Results28.12.2022View
Sthree Sakthi SS 345 Results27.12.2022View
Win Win W 699 Results26.12.2022View
Akshaya AK 580 Results25.12.2022View
Karunya KR 581 Results24.12.2022View
Nirmal NR 308 Results 23.12.2022View
Karunya Plus KN 451 Results22.12.2022View
Fifty Fifty FF 29 Results21.12.2022View
Sthree Sakthi SS 344 Results20.12.2022View
Win Win W 698 Results19.12.2022View
Akshaya AK 579 Results18.12.2022View
Karunya KR 580 Results17.12.2022View
Nirmal NR 307 Results16.12.2022View
Karunya Plus KN 450 Results15.12.2022View
Fifty Fifty FF 28 Results14.12.2022View
Sthree Sakthi SS 343 Results13.12.2022View
Win Win W 697 Results12.12.2022View
Akshaya AK 578 Results11.12.2022View
Karunya KR 579 Results10.12.2022View
Nirmal NR 306 Results09.12.2022View
Karunya Plus KN 449 Results08.12.2022View
Fifty Fifty FF 27 Results07.12.2022View
Sthree Sakthi SS 342 Results06.12.2022View

Kerala Lottery Result Chart

Kerala lottery Chart

KL Charts - Kerala lotteries
Fifty Fifty Lottery Results
Win Win Lottery Results
Sthree Sakthi Lottery Results
Akshaya Lottery Results
Karunya Plus Lottery Results
Nirmal Weekly Lottery Results
Karunya Lottery Results
Pournami Lottery Results
Bhagyamithra Monthly Lottery Results
Jackpot Result Today
Play India Lottery

Kerala Bumper Lottery Result ChartsDate
XMas New Year Bumper BR-89 Result19.01.2023
Pooja Bumper BR-88 Result20.11.2022
Onam Bumper BR-87 Result18.09.2022
Monsoon Bumper BR-86 Result17.07.2022
Vishu Bumper BR-85 Result22.05.2022
Summer Bumper BR-84 Result20.03.2022
Xmas New Year Bumper BR-83 Result16.01.2022
Pooja Bumper BR-82 Result21.11.2021
BR-81 Thiruvonam Bumper Lottery Result19.09.2021

Postponed Lottery Results 2022Old DateNew Date
Nirmal (NR-295)23/09/202225.09.2022
Sthree Sakthi (SS-306)29/03/202210.04.2022
Win Win (W-661)28/03/202203.04.2022
Sthree Sakthi (SS-283)19/10/202124.10.2021
Vishu Bumper (BR-79)23/5/202122.07.2021
Bhagyamithra (BM-6)2/5/202120.07.2021
Akshaya (AK-497)12/5/202116.07.2021
SthreeSakthi (SS-260)11/5/202113.07.2021
Nirmal (NR-223)7/5/202106.07.2021
Karunya Plus (KN-367)6/5/202102.07.2021

Win-Win Lottery Results

DATEWin-Win Lottery Today
06.02.2023Win-Win W-705
30.01.2023Win-Win W-704
23.01.2023Win-Win W-703
16.01.2023Win-Win W-702
09.01.2023Win-Win W-701
02.01.2023Win-Win W-700
26.12.2022Win-Win W-699

SthreeSakthi Lottery Results January 2023

DATESthree Sakthi Lottery Today
07.02.2023SthreeSakthi SS-351
31.01.2023SthreeSakthi SS-350
24.01.2023SthreeSakthi SS-349
17.01.2023SthreeSakthi SS-348
10.01.2023SthreeSakthi SS-347
03.01.2023SthreeSakthi SS-346
27.12.2022SthreeSakthi SS-345

Fifty Fifty Lottery Results

DATEFifty-Fifty 50-50 Lottery Today
08.02.2023Fifty-Fifty FF-36
01.02.2023Fifty-Fifty FF-35
25.01.2023Fifty-Fifty FF-34
18.01.2023Fifty-Fifty FF-33
11.01.2023Fifty-Fifty FF-32
04.01.2023Fifty-Fifty FF-31
28.12.2022Fifty-Fifty FF-30

Karunya Plus Lottery Results

DATEKarunya Plus Lottery Today
09.02.2023Karunya-Plus KN-456
02.02.2023Karunya-Plus KN-455
12.01.2023Karunya-Plus KN-454
05.01.2023Karunya-Plus KN-453
29.12.2022Karunya-Plus KN-452
22.12.2022Karunya-Plus KN-451
15.12.2022Karunya-Plus KN-450

Nirmal Lottery Results

DATENirmal Lottery Today
10.02.2023Nirmal NR-313
03.02.2023Nirmal NR-314
27.01.2023Nirmal NR-313
20.01.2023Nirmal NR-312
13.01.2023Nirmal NR-311
06.01.2023Nirmal NR-310
30.12.2022Nirmal NR-309

Karunya Weekly Lotteries Results

DATEKarunya Lottery Today
11.02.2023Karunya KR-588
04.02.2023Karunya KR-587
21.01.2023Karunya KR-585
14.01.2023Karunya KR-584
07.01.2023Karunya KR-583
31.12.2022Karunya KR-582
24.12.2022Karunya KR-581

Akshaya Lottery Results January 2023

DATEAkshaya Lottery Today
05.02.2023Akshaya AK-586
29.01.2023Akshaya AK-585
22.01.2023Akshaya AK-584
15.01.2023Akshaya AK-583
08.01.2023Akshaya AK-582
01.01.2023Akshaya AK-581
25.12.2022Akshaya AK-580

Kerala Lottery Monthly Chart 2023

We are providing KL results Akshaya, 2022 Kerala lottery chart, lottery results today guessing number, Kerala lottery yesterday Result, Kerala lottery ticket result today live, Kerala Weekly Result Chart today Akshaya Lottery prize claim ticket within 30 days, lottery results today guessing, Jackpot Result. Published in the Kerala lucky draw lottery result published draw results pdf.

Lucky draw result published on the Kerala state lottery department's official website at 4:00 PM. Prize winners are advised to verify the winning numbers against the results published in the Kerala Government Gazette and submit/surrender the winning ticket within 30 days.

Click on the Highlighted Date to view the chart.

February 2023

Kerala State Lottery Price Chart 2023

Official Kerala Lottery SchemesDraw DayTicket PrizeFirst Prize
Win WinMondayRs. 40/-75,00,000/-
Sthree SakthiTuesdayRs. 40/-75,00,000/-
Fifty-Fifty50-50WednesdayRs. 50/-1,00,00,000/-
Karunya PlusThursdayRs. 40/-80,00,000/-
NirmalFridayRs. 40/-70,00,000/-
Karunya weekly lotteriesSaturdayRs. 40/-80,00,000/-
AkshayaSundayRs. 40/-70,00,000/-
Bhagyamithra1st Sunday of Every MonthRs. 100/-1,00,00,000/-
X'mas Bumper19-01-2023Rs. 400/-Rs. 16 Crore

Kerala Lottery Results Today 2023

People can get a detailed list of live Kerala lottery awards in the next section. The Government of Kerala lottery department will announce the Kerala lottery today result 2023 at 3 PM. People who buy the Lottery Ticket, they can check the Lottery Results Now.

Officers Kerala State lottery result yesterday Today will announce the Result on their official website. People have to visit the official website of the organization to see the Lottery Results. You can access the detailed list of prizes below.

The Kerala Lottery Today Result Winning Prize amount is very attractive. The Government of Kerala has started the Lottery System for unemployed candidates. Those unemployed candidates can use the Lottery System to earn money.

Every Week the Government conducts various Lotteries. Various people participate in the lottery in lottery result Karunya weekly lotteries Today. Every day KL results published on the official website.

You will have to log into the official website to see the Lottery Result Today Live, Kerala chart. The result will be available in pdf format.

The PDF file will contain the Ticket number of the winning people. You will get a direct link to verify the results on the same page, And you can download Kerala lottery prize winners list (ലോട ടറി).

Be patient to see the Kerala Lottery Today Result. In the following table, prize winners visit lottery office.

Be patient to see the Lottery Result. In the following table, you will recently announce the results of the monthly lottery, Kerala Bumper Lottery Result.

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Official Address: Directorate of  Kerala State Lotteries, Vikas Bhavan P.O., Near bakery junction, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala – 695033.

Kerala state lottery result Provide 3pm Kerala result, guessing lottery numbers, winners Lottery prize money, Pournami Lottery consolation prize, lottery chart Kerala, Monsoon bumper, win lottery result Sthree Sakthi. கேரளா லாட்டரி ரிசல்ட் , ഇന്നത്തെ കേരളാ ലോട്ടറി റിസൽട് , கேரளா பம்பர் லாட்டரி ரிசல்ட், കേരളാ ഭാഗ്യക്കുറി.

Live Kerala Lottery Result Today Live 2020-2023 FAQs

Q 1. How to check Kerala Lottery Result Today?

✔ Provides Kerala lottery 2023, You can visit our website and check the results Easy. or go to the official

Q 2. Where to check the Kerala lottery Manorama?

✔ Official lottery result 2023 can be check from official website.

Q 3. When will be lottery result available?

✔ The lottery results chart will be available from 3 PM.

Q 4. When Kerala lottery Chart live-streaming starting?

Kerala lottery chart Every Day 3:00 PM onwards.

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