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Official Karunya Lottery Results Today 2023

Kerala State Lotteries Karunya 2023

Karunya Result 2023

Karunya Lottery Results
Kerala Lottery Result Chart Karunya

Kerala Lottery Result Today

ഇന്നത്തെ കേരള ഭാഗ്യക്കുറി നറുക്കെടുപ്പ് ഫലം

Karunya Lottery Today Result and Old Results

Karunya KR-59501.04.2023View
Karunya KR-59425.03.2023View
Karunya KR-59318.03.2023View
Karunya KR-59211.03.2023View
Karunya KR-59104.03.2023View
Karunya KR-59025.02.2023View
Karunya KR-58918.02.2023View
Karunya KR-58811.02.2023View
Karunya KR-58704.02.2023View
Karunya KR-58621.01.2023View
Karunya KR-58521.01.2023View
Karunya KR-58414.01.2023View
Karunya KR-58307.01.2023View
Karunya KR-58231.12.2022View
Karunya KR-58124.12.2022View
Karunya KR-58017.12.2022View
Karunya KR-57910.12.2022View
Karunya KR-57803.12.2022View
Karunya KR-57726.11.2022View
Karunya KR-57619.11.2022View
Karunya KR-57512.11.2022View
Karunya KR-57405.11.2022View
Karunya KR-57329.10.2022View
Karunya KR-57222.10.2022View
Karunya KR-57115.10.2022View
Karunya KR-57008.10.2022View
Karunya KR-56901.10.2022View
Karunya KR-56824.09.2022View
Karunya KR-56717.09.2022View
Karunya KR-56610.09.2022View
Karunya KR-56503.09.2022View
Karunya KR-56427.08.2022View
Karunya KR-56320.08.2022View
Karunya KR-56213.08.2022View
Karunya KR-56106.08.2022View
Karunya KR-56030.07.2022View
Karunya KR-55923.07.2022View
Karunya KR-55816.07.2022View
Karunya KR-55709.07.2022View
Karunya KR-55602.07.2022View
Karunya KR-55525.06.2022View
Karunya KR-55418.06.2022View
Karunya KR-55311.06.2022View
Karunya KR-55204.06.2022View
Karunya KR-55128.05.2022View
Karunya KR-55021.05.2022View
Karunya KR-54914.05.2022View
Karunya KR-54807.05.2022View
Karunya KR-54730.04.2022View
Karunya KR-54623.04.2022View
Karunya KR-54516.04.2022View
Karunya KR-54409.04.2022View
Karunya KR-54302.04.2022View
Karunya KR-54226.03.2022View
Karunya KR-54119.03.2022View
Karunya KR-54012.03.2022View
Karunya KR-53905.03.2022View
Karunya KR-53826.02.2022View
Karunya KR-53719.02.2022View
Karunya KR-53612.02.2022View
Karunya KR-53505.02.2022View
Karunya KR-53429.01.2022View

Prize winners verify the winning numbers published on the Kerala official website and claim the prize. submit a winning ticket within 30 days.

Kerala lottery ticket results pdf

karunya plus kn-411 winning ticket numbers

Karunya lottery tickets Prize Chart
Ticket Prize: Rs. 40/-

Prize No.Prize Money
1stRs. 80,00,000/-
ConsolationRs. 8,000/-
2ndRs. 5,00,000/-
3rdRs. 100,000/-
4thRs. 5,000/-
5thRs. 2,000/-
6thRs. 1000/-
7thRs. 500/-
8thRs. 100/-

Next Win Win Result - 1st Prize Rs 75 lakh
Off. Office: Gorky Bhavan near bakery junction (gorky Bhavan near bakery), Tvm.
Kerala Bhagyakuri Official Result:


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