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Official Kerala Lottery Karunya Plus Results

Kerala State Lotteries Karunya Plus - July 2022

Karunya Plus Result 2022

Akshaya Lottery Result Today 27.1.2022 - KN 405
Kerala Lottery Result Chart Karunya Plus

Kerala Lottery Result Today

ഇന്നത്തെ കേരള ഭാഗ്യക്കുറി നറുക്കെടുപ്പ് ഫലം

Kerala Lottery Result Today - 30/09/2022

30.9.2022 - Nirmal NR 296 Live Result Link Given Below Please Check the Result!

Kerala Lottery Result Yesterday - 29/09/2022
Karunya Plus Lottery Result Yesterday 29.9.2022 KN 439

Karunya Plus Lottery Today Result and Old Results

Karunya-Plus KN-43929.09.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-43822.09.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-43715.09.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-43601.09.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-43525.08.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-43418.08.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-43311.08.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-43204.08.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-43128.07.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-43021.07.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-42914.07.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-42807.07.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-42730.06.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-42623.06.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-42516.06.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-42409.06.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-42302.06.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-42226.05.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-42119.05.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-42012.05.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-41905.05.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-41828.04.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-41721.04.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-41614.04.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-41507.04.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-41431.03.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-41324.03.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-41217.03.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-41110.03.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-41003.03.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-40924.02.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-40817.02.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-40710.02.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-40603.02.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-40527.01.2022View
Karunya-Plus KN-40420.01.2022View

lottery result today Karunya plus

Karunya Plus lottery tickets Prize Chart
Ticket Prize: Rs. 40/-

Prize No.Prize Money
1stRs. 80,00,000/-
ConsolationRs. 8,000/-
2ndRs. 10,00,000/-
3rdRs. 100,000/-
4thRs. 5,000/-
5thRs. 1,000/-
6thRs. 500/-
7thRs. 100/-

lottery result today karunya plus

Next Nirmal Result - 1st Prize Rs 70 lakh
Off. Office: Gorky Bhavan near bakery junction (gorky Bhavan near bakery), Tvm.
Official Result:


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