16 February 2024

Karunya Plus Lottery Results 2023-2024 - Kerala Lottery Result

The Karunya Plus lottery results have been announced, and it's time to see if you're a winner! Check your numbers here to find out if you've hit the jackpot or won any other exciting prizes.

Karunya Plus Lottery Results Today 2023-2024

Karunya Plus Lottery Results

Krunya Plus Lottery Result Today / Old Results

Karunya-Plus KN-51022.02.2024View
Karunya-Plus KN-50915.02.2024View
Karunya-Plus KN-50808.02.2024View
Karunya-Plus KN-50701.02.2024View
Karunya-Plus KN-50625.01.2024View
Karunya-Plus KN-50518.01.2024View
Karunya-Plus KN-50411.01.2024View
Karunya-Plus KN-50304.01.2024View
Karunya-Plus KN-50227.12.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-50121.12.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-50014.12.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-49907.12.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-49830.11.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-49723.11.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-49616.11.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-49509.11.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-49402.11.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-49326.10.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-49219.10.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-49112.10.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-49005.10.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-48928.09.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-48821.09.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-48714.09.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-48607.09.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-48424.08.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-48317.08.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-48210.08.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-48027.07.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-47920.07.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-47813.07.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-47706.07.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-47629.06.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-47522.06.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-47415.06.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-47308.06.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-47201.06.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-47125.05.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-47018.05.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-46911.05.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-46804.05.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-46727.04.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-46620.04.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-46513.04.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-46406.04.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-46330.03.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-46223.03.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-46116.03.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-46009.03.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-45902.03.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-45823.02.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-45716.02.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-45609.02.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-45502.02.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-45412.01.2023View
Karunya-Plus KN-45305.01.2023View

How to check your Karunya Plus lottery numbers.

Checking your Karunya Plus lottery numbers is easy! Simply visit the official website of the lottery or visit www.sarkariresultsinfo.net for the latest results. You can also download the lottery app on your smartphone to get instant updates on the latest results.

Once you have your ticket, compare the numbers on it with the winning numbers announced to see if you've won any prizes. Good luck!

What are the different prize categories.

The Karunya Plus lottery offers multiple prize categories, ranging from the jackpot to smaller cash prizes. The jackpot prize is usually the highest and is awarded to the player who matches all the winning numbers, Check below table.

Prize NumberPrize Amount
1st Prize₹ 80,00,000/-
Consolation Prize₹ 8,000/-
2nd Prize₹ 10,00,000/-
3rd Prize₹ 1,00,000/-
4th Prize₹ 5,000/-
5th Prize₹ 1,000/-
6th Prize₹ 500/-
7th Prize₹ 100/-

Other prize categories include second prize, third prize, consolation prize, and more. The amount of the prize varies depending on the number of winners in each category and the total amount of the prize pool.

Check the official website or your local newspaper for more information on the different prize categories and their corresponding amounts.

Tips for increasing your chances of winning.

While winning the lottery is largely a matter of luck, there are a few tips that can increase your chances of winning. One strategy is to purchase multiple tickets or participate in a lottery pool with friends or family members.

This increases the number of entries and therefore the chances of winning. Another tip is to choose less popular numbers, as this reduces the likelihood of having to share the prize with other winners. Finally, it's important to always play responsibly and within your means, as gambling can become addictive.

How to claim your prize if you win.

If you are lucky enough to win a prize in the Karunya Plus lottery, there are a few steps you need to take to claim your winnings. First, sign the back of your ticket to ensure that it cannot be claimed by anyone else.

Then, visit a lottery retailer or the lottery headquarters to claim your prize. For prizes over a certain amount, you may need to fill out a claim form and provide identification. It's important to claim your prize within the designated time frame, as unclaimed prizes may be forfeited. Congratulations on your win!

Frequently asked questions about the Karunya Plus lottery.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Karunya Plus lottery:

1. When are the Karunya Plus lottery results announced?

✅The results are announced every Thursday at 3:00 PM.

2. How do I check my Karunya Plus lottery numbers?

✅You can check your numbers on the official website of the Kerala State Lotteries or by visiting a lottery retailer.

3. What is the minimum and maximum prize amount for the Karunya Plus lottery?

✅The minimum prize amount is Rs. 100 and the maximum prize amount is Rs. 80 lakhs.

4. How long do I have to claim my prize?

✅You have 30 days from the date of the draw to claim your prize.

5. Can I claim my prize anonymously?

✅No, you cannot claim your prize anonymously. You will need to provide identification to claim your prize.


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