General Knowledge (GK) 2020 Questions and Answers #3

General Knowledge (GK) 2020: General Knowledge Questions and Answers Part #3 to enhance your public awarenessGeneral Knowledge 2020 questions covering all important events across India and the world. Take advantage of all the important General Knowledge questions and answers here, free of charge to pass all the competitive exams and interviews.

General Knowledge Questions and Answers #3

General Knowledge (GK) 2020: General Knowledge Questions and Answers Part #3
General Knowledge (GK) 2020 #3

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1. Which is the state dance of Odisha?
... Answer)

2. Who launched Lifeline Udan?
... Answer)
Ministry of Civil Aviation

3. National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) functions under _______.
... Answer)
Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers

4. President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)?
... Answer)
Thomas Bach

5. The Tokyo Olympic Games have been rescheduled to be held in _______.
... Answer)
February 2021

6. Who is the Governor of Odisha?
... Answer)
Ganeshi Lal

7. Which is the state flower of Maharashtra?
... Answer)
Jarul Flower

8. When was the UDAN scheme launched?
... Answer)

9. Which is the winter capital of Maharashtra?
... Answer)

10. Who developed a portable ventilator to support medical infrastructure amid the COVID-19 outbreak?
... Answer)

11. Who is the Governor of Maharashtra?
... Answer)
Bhagat Singh Koshyari

12. Who attended the 2nd Extraordinary G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting?
... Answer)
Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman

13. When was Maharashtra State formed?
... Answer)

14. Who is the President of World Athletics?
... Answer)
Sebastian Coe

15. Who is the Chief Minister of Maharashtra?
... Answer)
Uddhav Thackeray

16. Which State government announced a 60% pay cut for all government employees with an aim to financially assist the state in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic?
... Answer)

17. When was Paytm established?
... Answer)

18. Where is the headquarters of World Athletics located?
... Answer)

19. When was Paytm Money launched?
... Answer)

20. When was the World Athletics formed?
... Answer)
July 1912

21. Who resigned as the Managing Director and CEO of Paytm Money?
... Answer)
Pravin Jadhav

22. As per the recent merger, United Bank of India and Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC) has been merged into _________.
... Answer)
Punjab National Bank

23. World Bank has announced ________ to the Government of India for a proposed India COVID-19 emergency response and health systems preparedness project.
... Answer)
$1 billion

24. Who is the administrator is NASA?
... Answer)
James Bridenstine

25. The 2021 World Athletics Championships was scheduled to be held in ________.
... Answer)

26. When was NASA established?
... Answer)

27. The SunRISE Mission has been scheduled to be launched in ________.
... Answer)

28. The government of India passed the Taxation and Other Laws (Relaxation of Certain Provisions) Ordinance, _________.
... Answer)

29. When was the SunRISE Mission awarded $62.6 million to design, build, and launch the mission?
... Answer)
March 2020

30. Which State odes not border with Odisha?
... Answer)
Madhya Pradesh

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