Kerala Lottery 10.11.2021 Today Results Live Akshaya AK 523 Result

Kerala Lottery 10.11.2021 Today Results Live Akshaya AK 523 Today: Check Kerala Lottery Result Today, the results published winning numbers of the respective Kerala lottery draw here. Today result at 03:00 PM. The Kerala result Chart link is provided below on a weekly, monthly, and daily basis. Let's read this article and find out the result of the KL Today (Kerala Lottery Today Results Live Today) - 10/11/2021.

Kerala Lottery 8.11.2021 Today Results Live Win Win W 641
Kerala Lottery Results Live Today

Kerala Lottery Today Results Live - November 2021

Jackpot Today Result | KL Results - 10.11.2021

Draw Number: AK 523 - Draw Date: 10-11-2021 (Wednesday)

Today 10.11.2021 Kerala Lottery Today Results Live Today Link Given Below Please Check!
1st Prize and 2nd Prize are available on this page. For full Results click the Link.

Kerala Lottery Today Results Live Today 10.11.2021

Results Today Live

Lottery Result Today

Check the latest lottery draw date and winning numbers.

Kerala Lottery Jackpot-Result - 10/11/2021

Result - Kerala Lottery Today Live

Today Result 09.11.2021

Date1st Prize2nd PrizeFull Result
9-11-2021 Sthree-Sakthi SS-286 Result


250924Click Here


Yesterday Result 08.11.2021

Date1st Prize2nd PrizeFull Result
8-11-2021 Win-Win W-641 Result


123095Click Here

Previous Day Result 06.11.2021

Date1st Prize2nd PrizeFull Result
6-11-2021 Karunya KR-522 Result


503874Click Here

Kerala Result 3pm ←Click Here

Kerala + Golden Monthly Chart - November 2021

Date11:45 AM02:00 PMKerala5:45 PM


- Result
கோல்டன் ஜாக்பாட் ரிசல்ட் 
KL Jackpot Result
Kerala Lottery Jackpot
Kerala Jackpot Result Chart

Kerala-Lottery03:00 PM to 04:00 PM 
Jack-Pot10:30 AM to 07:30 PM
Golden-Jackpot11:45 AM to 05:45 PM

Kerala Lottery Previous Results 2021

09-11-2021STHREE SAKTHI LotterySS-286
08-11-2021WIN WIN LotteryW-641
06-11-2021KARUNYA LotteryKR-522
05-11-2021NIRMAL LotteryNR-249
04-11-2021KARUNYA PLUS LotteryKN-393
03-11-2021AKSHAYA LotteryAK-522
02-11-2021STHREE SAKTHI LotterySS-285
01-11-2021WIN-WIN LotteryW-640
30-10-2021KARUNYA LotteryKR-521
29-10-2021NIRMAL LotteryNR-248
28-10-2021KARUNYA PLUS LotteryKN-392
27-10-2021AKSHAYA LotteryAK-521
26-10-2021STHREE SAKTHI LotterySS-284
25-10-2021WIN WIN LotteryW-639
23-10-2021KARUNYA LotteryKR-520
22-10-2021NIRMAL LotteryNR-247
21-10-2021KARUNYA PLUS LotteryKN-391
20-10-2021AKSHAYA LotteryAK-520
19-10-2021STHREE SAKTHI LotterySS-283
18-10-2021WIN WIN LotteryW-638
16-10-2021KARUNYA LotteryKR-519
15-10-2021NIRMAL LotteryNR-246
14-10-2021KARUNYA PLUS LotteryKN-390
13-10-2021AKSHAYA LotteryAK-519
12-10-2021STHREE SAKTHI LotterySS-282
11-10-2021WIN WIN LotteryW-637
09-10-2021KARUNYA LotteryKR-518
08-10-2021NIRMAL LotteryNR-245
07-10-2021KARUNYA PLUS LotteryKN-389
06-10-2021AKSHAYA LotteryAK-518
05-10-2021STHREE SAKTHI LotterySS-281
04-10-2021WIN WIN LotteryW-636
01-10-2021NIRMAL LotteryNR-244
30-09-2021KARUNYA PLUS LotteryKN-388
29-09-2021AKSHAYA LotteryAK-517
28-09-2021STHREE SAKTHI LotterySS-280
27-09-2021WIN WIN LotteryW-635

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Kerala lottery winning numbers are available at 4 pm on their official website.
Akshaya AK 522 results, Lottery results pdf download for live result requested to keep watching.

Official Address: Directorate of  Kerala State Lotteries, Vikas Bhavan P.O., Near bakery junction, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala – 695033.

Kerala Lottery Result Today

2021 KL Charts
Win-Win Lottery Results
Sthree Sakthi Lottery Results
Akshaya Lottery Results
Karunya Plus Lottery Results
Nirmal Weekly Lottery Results
Karunya Lottery Results
Pournami Lottery Results
Bhagyamithra Monthly Lottery Results

Bumper Lottery ResultsDate
Pooja Bumper Lottery Result BR-8221.11.2021
Thiruvonam Bumper Lottery Result BR-8119.09.2021
Vishu Bumper Lottery Result BR-7923.05.2021
Summer Bumper Lottery Result BR-7821.03.2021
Xmas Bumper Lottery Result BR 7717.01.2021
Pooja Bumper Lottery Result BR 7615.11.2020
Thiruvonam Bumper Lottery Result BR-7520.09.2020

We Provide:

Win Win Lottery Result - Sthree Sakthi Lottery Result - Akshaya Lottery Result - Karunya Plus Lottery Result - Bhavan near bakery junction gorky Bhavan near bakery, Nirmal Lottery Result - Karunya Lottery Result - Pournami Lottery Result - Bumper Lottery Result - கேரளா லாட்டரி ரிசல்ட் - ഇന്നത്തെ കേരളാ ലോട്ടറി റിസൽട് - கேரளா பம்பர் லாட்டரி ரிசல்ட் - Kerala lotteries - Kerala State Lottery Result | Kerala Lottery Guessing - Kerala Lottery Result 2021 - Bhagyamithra Monthly Lottery Results, Kerala Lottery Today Results Live Today Guessing number, Kerala Lottery Guessing Time 1.40.

Kerala Lottery Ticket Drawing will take place in Gorky Bhavan, near Bakery Junction, Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram. Those who are waiting for today's draw can check the results here. Don't miss the winning Kerala lottery results today live, stay updated on this site.

The prize distribution for the Kerala lottery prize winners will get the prize money at any Kerala lottery shop if the prize money is less than Rs 5000 / -. If the amount is more than 5000 rupees, then they must hand over their tickets to the bank or government lottery office with proof of identification for the claim.

Kerala Bumper Lottery Result

God's own country is also the country of festivals. Special lotteries such as bumper lotteries were raffled off. An interesting fact is that the lotteries are named after these festivals.

Christmas New Year Bumper (January), Summer Bumper (March), Vishu Bumper (May), Monsoon Bumper (July), Thiruvonam Bumper (September), Pooja Bumper (November) are the six lottery tickets available in Kerala.

The Kerala lottery tax deduction is 30% of the total amount and the agent commission is 10%. For more details on the Kerala Lottery Prize claim and the Kerala Lottery Prize Structures please visit the pages.

Kerala Lottery Live Today

The seven daily lotteries are the Pournami lottery on Sunday, the Akshaya lottery on Monday, the Sthree Sakthi lottery on Tuesday, the Akshaya lottery on Wednesday, the Karunya Plus lottery on Thursday, the Nirmal lottery on Friday, and the Karunya lottery on Saturday.

Unfortunately, the sale of the Pournami lottery had been temporarily stopped by the government and they launched a new scheme in the Monthly Lottery called the Bhagyamithra Lottery. Live updates of Kerala lottery results will be posted at 2.55pm on our website and the official result will be updated at 4pm.

Kerala lottery prize structures

The revised prize structures for the Kerala lottery were successfully updated on our official website The available prize structures are Pournami, Win-Win, Sthree Sakthi, Akshaya, Karunya Plus, Nirmal, Karunya, Bhagyamithra (Monthly Lottery), and Bumper Prize Structure which contains almost all the prize structures for all six bumpers.

Kerala Government. Lottery results for today/yesterday, and earlier

The Kerala lottery consists of seven weekly lotteries with different prize structures. The lotteries department of Kerala conducted the draws every day. The daily draw takes place in Gorky Bhavan, near Bakery Junction, Trivandrum at 2.55pm / 3:00 pm.

The Kerala government raised a large amount of money through the Kerala lottery and spent it for many development purposes as well as charitable contributions.

Kerala Lottery Online

If you buy the Kerala lottery through an online purchase, you will definitely be punished. Because the state government banned the sale of Kerala lottery tickets by any means over the internet. Furthermore, the sale of lottery online is prohibited in Kerala and the offense may be punishable. Our website does not encourage these types of activities.

How to claim the lottery prize money in Kerala

Many people who win Kerala lottery prizes do not know how to claim the money Of the prize.

Winners will receive the prize amount after deducting the Kerala lottery agent commission and prize tax.

Kerala Lottery Winners Statistics

If you want to check the Kerala lottery winning statistics for the past few years, then you are in the right place. Just go to the winning statistics page and analyze the table provided on the page.

The winning statistics page contains the total number of prizes distributed by the district for weekly lotteries and bumper. But the fact is, it doesn't affect the winning numbers.

So don't think it will help you win the lottery. The lottery draw is based solely on the machine and not in accordance with any personal interest. In addition to the winner's statistics, the previous year's Kerala lottery winners chart is also updated on our website.


Remember to check it too. The winning table will show the first prize winning numbers and the district they belong to.

Kerala Lottery Result Online

Please log in to to see the upcoming Kerala lottery draw and Kerala lottery news. We always keep up to date with the latest Kerala lottery news. You can also visit our YouTube channel to see more Kerala lottery videos.

We upload the videos of the Bumper prize structures as soon as possible. 

If you cannot get the solution for your query, please use our contact page to reach us.

Kerala Lottery Officer (Kerala State Lottery Directorate)

The Kerala lottery is a great initiative launched by the Kerala government more than 54 years ago. The idea was initially put forward by Kerala state government finance minister P.K. Kunju Sahib in 1967.

The main objective of the plan is to provide job opportunities to the unemployed and the government to achieve economic stability by obtaining financing. Many people have been able to fulfill their responsibilities by winning the Kerala lottery prize.

The Kerala State Lottery has three lottery schemes and they are the Weekly Lottery Scheme, the Bumper Lottery Scheme, and the Monthly Lottery Scheme. The draw is done through the lotteries machine and this Kerala lottery draw system is unique.

The history of the Kerala lottery begins in the 20th century. About 54 years ago. In 1967, Late Shri P.K. Kunjusahib (EMS Namboothirippad's government finance minister) came up with the concept of lottery sales and from there began the growth of the Kerala lottery.

We provide here the detailed history of the Kerala lottery on the Kerala lottery history page and don't forget to read it from there.

Kerala Lottery Results Today Live TV

Live broadcast on Malayalam TV channels

Kerala lottery lives the latest news broadcast is broadcast on Kairali TV, Kaumudy TV, and Jai Hind TV channels. Weekly lottery results are in the air at 2.55pm. But on some special days that have more than one drawing, the live broadcast will start early at 2pm. M.

The live broadcast is run by the Center for Imaging Technology Development (C-DIT), A Kerala Government organization in Electronics and Information Technology, with a corporate culture that cares about customizing technology for the masses Kerala Lottery Today Results Live Today.


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