18 June 2023

Kerala Gold Price Today Chart - 1 Gram, 1 Pawan 22 Carat

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Gold Rate in Kerala Today 01.06.2023

Kerala Gold Price Chart Today 20 June 2023

Date: 20-06-202322 Carat Gold Price (Tuesday)

Today 20.06.2023 Gold Price, Monthly Charts are given below table Please Check!

Kerala Gold Price Today Chart - 1 Gram, 1 Pawan 22 Carat

Today Price 20.06.2023

Date1 Gram8 Gram
20 June 23₹ 5,500₹ 44,000


Today Price 19.06.2023

Date1 Gram8 Gram
19 June 23₹ 5,510₹ 44,080

Today Price 18.06.2023

Date1 Gram8 Gram
18 June 23₹ 5,510₹ 44,080

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Lowest and Highest Prices of June 2023

MonthGramHigh RateLow Rate
June1 Grm₹ 5,600 (02-06-2023)₹ 5,470 (15-06-2023)
June8 Grm₹ 44,800 (02-06-2023)₹ 43,760 (15-06-2023)

Kerala Monthly Gold Chart - June 2023

Gold Rate in Kerala ( 1g, 8g)

Date1 Gram Gold Price1 Pavan Gold Price
01.06.2023₹ 5,570₹ 44,560
02.06.2023₹ 5,600₹ 44,800
03.06.2023₹ 5,530₹ 44,240
04.06.2023₹ 5,530₹ 44,240
05.06.2023₹ 5,530₹ 44,240
06.06.2023₹ 5,560₹ 44,480
07.06.2023₹ 5,560₹ 44,480
08.06.2023₹ 5,520₹ 44,160
09.06.2023₹ 5,560₹ 44,480
10.06.2023₹ 5,550₹ 44,400
11.06.2023₹ 5,550₹ 44,400
12.06.2023₹ 5,540₹ 44,320
13.06.2023₹ 5,540₹ 44,320
14.06.2023₹ 5,505₹ 44,040
15.06.2023₹ 5,470₹ 43,760
16.06.2023₹ 5,510₹ 44,080
17.06.2023₹ 5,510₹ 44,080
18.06.2023₹ 5,510₹ 44,080
19.06.2023₹ 5,510₹ 44,080
20.06.2023₹ 5,500₹ 44,000
21.06.2023₹ -₹ -
22.06.2023₹ -₹ -
23.06.2023₹ -₹ -
24.06.2023₹ -₹ -
25.06.2023₹ -₹ -
26.06.2023₹ -₹ -
27.06.2023₹ -₹ -
28.06.2023₹ -₹ -
29.06.2023₹ -₹ -
30.06.2023₹ -₹ -

Keralagoldin Rate
கேரளா தங்கம் விலை விளக்கப்படம்
KL Gold Chart
Kerala Gold Today Rate
Kerala Gold Chart
కేరళ బంగారం ధర చార్ట్

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Kerala Gold

Kerala Gold is a term commonly used to refer to the traditional gold jewelry designs and craftsmanship of the state of Kerala in India. Kerala has a long-standing tradition of gold jewelry-making, and its designs are renowned for their intricate detailing and unique style.

Kerala Gold jewelry is typically made using high-quality gold, often 22-carat or higher, and is known for its ornate patterns, filigree work, and use of precious stones. Traditional Kerala jewelry includes necklaces, earrings, bangles, waistbands, anklets, and other adornments.

One of the iconic jewelry pieces from Kerala is the Kasu Mala, which is a long necklace made of gold coins. Another popular design is the Elakkathali, a choker-style necklace with intricate pendant motifs. The craftsmanship of Kerala Gold jewelry reflects the rich cultural heritage of the region and is often passed down through generations as family heirlooms.

Kerala is also famous for its gold shops and markets, such as the famous "Jew Street" in Kochi, where you can find a wide variety of traditional and contemporary gold jewelry.

It's worth noting that the term "Kerala Gold" can also refer to gold sourced from the state of Kerala. The region has some gold mines, but the production is relatively limited compared to other states in India.

Overall, Kerala Gold represents the traditional gold jewelry designs and the artistry associated with Kerala, showcasing the state's unique cultural identity and craftsmanship.

Kerala Traditional Gold Ornaments

Kerala, a state in southern India, has a rich tradition of gold jewelry and ornaments. The traditional gold ornaments of Kerala are known for their intricate designs, exquisite craftsmanship, and cultural significance. These ornaments play a vital role in weddings, festivals, and other auspicious occasions in Kerala.

Here are some of the popular traditional gold ornaments of Kerala:

1. Kasu Mala: The Kasu Mala is a long necklace made of gold coins. It is one of the most iconic and prominent traditional ornaments of Kerala. The gold coins are typically engraved with intricate motifs and are strung together to create a beautiful necklace. Read More

2. Manga Mala: The Manga Mala is a necklace adorned with small gold mango-shaped motifs. The mango is considered a symbol of fertility and prosperity in Kerala, making this necklace significant for married women. Read More

3. Poothali: The Poothali is a pendant worn by women in Kerala. It features a floral or peacock design and is suspended from a gold chain. It is often gifted to young girls during festivals and special occasions.

4. Elakkathali: The Elakkathali is a choker-style necklace with intricate pendant motifs. It is designed with elaborate detailing and is a popular choice for brides in Kerala.

5. Oddiyanam: The Oddiyanam, also known as the Vaddanam or waistbelt, is a wide gold belt worn around the waist. It is typically embellished with intricate designs and is an essential part of the bridal attire in Kerala.

6. Kaasumala: The Kaasumala is a necklace made of small gold beads. It is usually long and is worn in multiple strands. It is a classic and elegant ornament that is favored by women of all ages.

7. Nagapadam: The Nagapadam is a pendant featuring a cobra design. It is considered a symbol of protection and is worn by women for good luck and blessings.

These are just a few examples of the traditional gold ornaments of Kerala. Each ornament has its unique significance and is crafted with precision and skill by traditional goldsmiths. These ornaments not only enhance the beauty of the wearer but also carry cultural and traditional value in Kerala society.

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