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Kerala Festivals | Kerala Lottery results

Kerala Festivals

1. Onam


Onam! Kerala's national festival is widely known for the arrival of King Mahabali. This festival falls in August-September and features a wonderful history attached thereto. Onam may be a vital festival for the people of Kerala and it's been celebrated in a grand way per annum.

2. Vishu


Vishu is that the second most vital festival in Kerala because it marks the New Year which normally falls on Pan American Day, 15, or 16. today determines what the remainder of the year is going to be like for the Malayalis.

3. Thrissur Pooram

Thrissur Pooram

This festival is one of the foremost famous temple festivals in Kerala. it's celebrated at the Vadakkunnathan temple in Thrissur. People sit on huge elephants that are fully dressed for the occasion outside the temple. Thrissur Pooram maybe a festival famous in Kerala for its very long and delightful fireworks that continue all night.

4. Thiruvathira

This festival is widely known mainly within the month of December or January. This festival is in total dedication to Lord Shiva and it's believed that today is ideal and really auspicious to worship Lord Shiva. All the devotees of Lord Shiva attend the temple to receive the blessing of the Lord.

5.Theyyam Festival

Theyyam Festival

Do you remember those painted and masked faces you saw once you were little dancing to beautiful rhythms? Well, Theyyam is simply that. This festival is nearly 800 years old and has people from everywhere India to perform their dances disguised as Deities.

6. Attukal Pongala

Attukal Pongala

This is celebrated on the ninth day of the ten long days of the present festival within the month of February to March, only women can participate during this festival. The sweet dish called "Pongal" is prepared by the ladies within the morning and is ready at noon for the offering. This dish is formed with boiled rice, sugar, and coconut.

7. Christmas

Like anywhere else, Christianity has also taken its toll in Kerala and therefore the number of Christians is increasing day by day. For this reason, Christmas may be a very big festival in Kerala, because of all the Christian communities. Well, we do not think we've to elucidate why Christmas is widely known, do we? Everyone knows the story of the birth of the kid Jesus.

8. Makaravilakku Festival

Makaravilakku is an annual festival held at the Sabrimala Temple on the occasion of Makar Sakranti on January 14 of every year. A procession of individuals, wearing sacred garments, carry Ayappan ornaments called Thiruvabharanam. The journey begins two days before Makara Jyothi Day from Pandalam.

9.Arattu in Trivandrum

Lord Padmanabhan's Arattu (holy bath) is held at Padmanabaswamy Temple during the Painkuni Festival. it's one of the important rituals administered as a part of the festival, and therefore the uniqueness of this festival is that the top of the Travancore royalty still escorts the idols in his traditional garb during the procession to the beach of Shanghumugham.

10. Ambalapuzha Arattu

Held at the Sree Krishnaswamy Temple in Alapuzha, the Ambalapuzha Arattu festival is widely known for consecrating Ambalapuzha Unnikannan. it's a ten-day festival where the Arattu takes place on Judgment Day called Thiruvonam Nakshatram.

11. Aranmula Uthrattathi

The Aranmula regatta may be a centennial regatta that persisted the occasion of the Aranmula Uthrattathi. The snake boats move in pairs with an excited crowd cheering on the banks of the Pampa River.

12. Adoor Gajamela

Everything is within the name. Gaja in Sanskrit means elephant and mela are fair. Kerala may be a place that invests in elephants, so whatever temple festivals you visit, you're bound to witness elephants. Adoor Gajamela may be a ten-day festival held at the Parthasarathy temple and is devoted to Lord Krishna.