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Top Current Affairs GK Questions and Answers 2020 - #9

Current Affairs-GK Questions and Answers Part #9 to enhance your public awarenessCurrent Affairs-GK 2020 questions covering all important events across India and the world. Take advantage of all the important General Knowledge (GK) questions and answers here, free of charge to pass all the competitive exams and interviews.

Top Current Affairs GK Questions 2020 #9

Current Affairs-GK Questions and Answers Part #9 to enhance your public awareness.
Current Affairs GK Questions

Where is the CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory located?
Options : A.Hyderabad.  B.Ahmedabad. C.Pune. D.Bengaluru.
... Answer)

2. When was Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) launched?
Options : A. 2014. B. 2016. C. 2017. D. 2018.
... Answer)
A. 2014.

3. Who is the President of the Supreme Court of India?
Options : A.Ranjan Gogoi. B.Sharad Arvind Bobde. C.S. Abdul Nazeer. D.N. V. Ramana.
... Answer)
B. Sharad Arvind Bobde.

4. When was the Ministry of Personnel, Complaints and Public Pensions founded?
Options : A. 1970. B. 1975. C. 1980 D. 1985.
... Answer)
A. 1970.

5. Where is the Supreme Court located?
Options : A. New Delhi. B.Ajmer. C.Agra. D.Lucknow.
... Answer)
A. New Delhi.

6. When was the Kendriya Bhandar established?
Options : A. 1955. B. 1963. C. 1970. D. 1974. 
... Answer)
B. 1963.

7. When was the Supreme Court (SC) established?
Options : A. 1919. B. 1924. C. 1937. D. 1946.
... Answer)
C. 1937.

8. Kendriya Bhandar works under .........
Options : A. Ministry of Finance. B. Ministry of the Interior. C. Ministry of Personnel, Complaints and Public Pensions. D. Ministry of Human Resources Development.
... Answer)
C. Ministry of Personnel, Complaints and Public Pensions.

9. The Supreme Court ordered companies to reimburse private laboratories through corporate social responsibility (CSR) so that they can recover their material costs.
Options : A.Rs. 1,000-5,000. B.Rs2,000-2,500. C.Rs, 000,000-3,500. D.Rs, 000,000-4,500.
... Answer)
B. Rs2,000-2,500.

10. Who designed and developed the membrane oxygenator (MOE) kit?
Options : A.Genrich Membranes. B.Heart Care India CO. C.BPL MedTech Pvt Ltd. D.Reach Pneumatics.
... Answer)
A. Genrich Membranes.

11. GoI has sanctioned the ........ package to strengthen India's fight against the new coronavirus through the COVID-19 Emergency Response and Health System Preparedness Package.
Options : A. Rs. 15 billion rupees. B. Rs. 25 billion rupees. C. Rs. 40 billion rupees. D. Rs. 50 billion rupees.
... Answer)
A. Rs. 15 billion rupees.

12. A report from India Ratings indicated that capacity utilization levels fell to ....... in March.
Options : A. 20%. B. 40%. C. 50%. D. 60%.
... Answer)
A. 20%.

13. Centre will announce around ....... stimulus and will focus on helping small and medium-sized businesses that are suffering due to the coronavirus outbreak.
Options : A. Rs.50,000 crore. B. Rs.1 lakh crore. C. Rs.1.25 lakh crore. D. Rs.1.50 lakh crore.
... Answer)
B. Rs.1 lakh crore.

14. How much did fuel demand decrease in March due to the blockade, according to the India Rankings report?
Options : A. 20%. B.10  C. 30%. D. 50%.
... Answer)
A. 20%.

15. CSIR-NCL has developed a .......portable digital thermometer which is the main and important component used to measure coronavirus infection.
Options : A.Ultra Violet. B.InfraRed. C.Nanowave based. D.Radiowave based.
... Answer)
B. InfraRed. 

16. The Supreme Court (SC) ordered the government to carry out COVID-19 tests by private ....... laboratories.
Options : A.free. B.Rs. 200. C.Rs. 400. D.Rs. 800.
... Answer)
A. free.

17. Where is the National Chemistry Laboratory (NCL) located?
Options : A.Mysuru. B.Bengaluru. C.Pune. D.Ahmedabad.
... Answer)
C. Pune.

18. The US Army. USA It has requested an additional ....... fund to strengthen naval, airborne, and ground operations in the Indo-Pacific region.
Options : A. $ 1 billion. B. $ 10 billion. C. $ 20 billion. D. $ 35 billion.
... Answer)
C. $ 20 billion.

19. When was the National Chemistry Laboratory (NCL) established?
Options : A. 1950. B. 1956. C. 1962. D. 1964.
... Answer)
A. 1950.

20. How many chambers are there in the Indian Parliament?
Options : A. 1. B. 2. C. 3. D. 4.
... Answer)
B. 2.

21. Who launched the Chitra Acrylosorb Secretion Solidification System?
Options : A.ICMR. B.My laboratories. C.CSIR. D.SCTIMST.
... Answer)

22. ....... developed a portable digital IR thermometer which is the main and important component used to measure Coronavirus infection.
Options : A.ICMR. B.CSIR-NCL. C.CSIR-CECRI. D. Innovations Module.
... Answer)

23. When was the Constitution of India ratified?
Options : A. 26 November 1947. B. 26 November 1949. C. 26 January 1949. D. 26 January 1950.
... Answer)
B. 26 November 1949.

24. When was the Income Tax Department established?
Options : A. 1860. B. 1885. C. 1895. D. 1901.
... Answer)
A. 1860.

25. What is the maximum number of judges on the Supreme Court?
Options : A. 28. B. 30. C. 32. D. 34.
... Answer)
D. 34.

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