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Top Current Affairs GK Questions and Answers 2020 - #14

Current Affairs-GK Questions and Answers Part #14 to enhance your public awarenessCurrent Affairs-GK 2020 questions covering all important events across India and the world. Take advantage of all the important General Knowledge (GK) questions and answers here, free of charge to pass all the competitive exams and interviews.

Top Current Affairs GK Questions 2020 #14

Current Affairs-GK Questions and Answers Part #14 to enhance your public awareness. Current Affairs-GK 2020 questions covering all important events across India and the world.
Current Affairs GK Questions 

What is the cost of COVSACK developed by DRDO to combat COVID-19?
Options: A: 1 lakh. B: 1.5 lakh. C: 2 lakh. D: 2.5 lakh.
... Answer)
A: 1 lakh.

2. When was the Union Bank of India (UBI) established?
Options: A: 1919. B: 1925. C: 1932. D: 1937.
... Answer)
A: 1919.

3. Which of the following medications is to treat Ebola?
Options: A: atazanavir. B.darunavir. C. fosamprenavir. D.Remdesivir.
... Answer)

4. Corporation Bank and Andhra Bank merged with the Union Bank of India (UBI) with effect from ________.
Options: A: March 25, 2020. B: April 1, 2020. C: April 10, 2020. D: April 14, 2020.
... Answer)
B: April 1, 2020.

5. The Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) announced that the antiviral drug _______ can be used against COVID-19.
Options: A: atazanavir. B.remdesivir. C. fosamprenavir. D.darunavir.
... Answer)
B. Remdesivir.

6. Who assumed the position of Executive Director (DE) of Union Bank of India (UBI)?
Options: A: Birupaksha Mishra. B.Rajkiran Rai. C. Dinesh Karthick. D.Nagaraj SK.
... Answer)
A: Birupaksha Mishra.

7. Who launched 'Saptapadi' to deal with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic?
Options: A: President Kovind. B.Vice President Venkiah Naidu. C.PM Modi. D.Mr Minister Amit Shah.
... Answer)
C.PM Modi.

8. Chagas disease is caused by transmission of the parasite _______.
Options: A: Triatoma infestans. B. Kinetoplastide. C. Trichomoniasis. D. Trypanosoma cruzi.
... Answer)
D. Trypanosoma cruzi.

9. Who developed the COVID-19 Sample Collection Kiosk (COVSACK) to combat COVID-19?
Options: A: DRDO. B.OFB. C.NCL. D.ICMR.
... Answer)

10. Which of the following is the portal of the National Agriculture Market?
Options: A: GeM. B.e-NAM. C.PM-KISAN. D.Kisan-serve.
... Answer)

11. When is Ambedkar Jayanti celebrated?
Options: A: April 12. B: April 13. C: April 14. D: April 15.
... Answer)
C: April 14.

12. When is Tamil Puthandu celebrated?
Options: A: April 12. B: April 14. C: April 16. D: April 20.
... Answer)
B: April 14.

13. When is World Chagas Disease Day celebrated?
Options: A: April 1. B: April 14. C: April 15. D: April 25.
... Answer)
B: April 14.

14. Who launched India's first remote health monitoring system?
Options: A: AIIMS. B.BHEL. C. ICMR. D.A and B.
... Answer)
D.A and B.

15. The Government of India aims to inject ________ into villages to boost the rural economy.
Options: A: 1 lakh crore. B: 2 lakh crore. C: 3 lakh crore. D: 5 lakh crore.
... Answer)
A: 1 lakh crore.

16. Where is Rishikesh located?
Options: A: Madhya Pradesh. B.Bihar. C. Maharashtra. D.Uttarakhand.
... Answer)

17. Who is the MD and CEO of Union Bank of India?
Options: A: Vishnu Kumar. B.Rajkiran Rai G. C. Romesh Sobti. D.Parthasarathi Mukherjee.
... Answer)
B.Rajkiran Rai G.

18. Where has the first remote health monitoring system been established?
Options: A: Maharashtra. B.Uttar Pradesh. C. Uttarakhand. D.Andhra Pradesh.
... Answer)
C. Uttarakhand.

19. Who launched the CovidGyan website?
Options: A: Tata Institute for Fundamental Research (TIFR). B. Indian Institute of Science (IISc). C.Tata Memorial Center. (TMC) D. All of the above.
... Answer)
D. All of the above.

20. Who discovered the first case of Chagas disease?
Options: A: Dr. Salvador Mazza. B.Dr. Adolfo Lutz. C.Dr. Carlos Ribeiro Justiniano. D.Dr. Oswaldo Cruz.
... Answer)
C.Dr. Carlos Ribeiro Justiniano.

21. _______ serves as a hub for gathering a collection of resources in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.
Options: A: CovidGyan. B.Aarogya setu. C. Mass movement. D.PRAGYAM.
... Answer)
A: CovidGyan.

22. Where was the 72nd World Health Assembly held?
Options: A: Geneva. B. Davos. C. Paris. D. Stockholm.
... Answer)
A: Geneva.

23. Dr.BR Ambedkar was conferred ______ posthumously in 1990.
Options: A: Bharat Ratna. B. Padma Vibhushan. C. Padma Bhushan. D. Nobel Peace Prize.
... Answer)
A: Bharat Ratna.

24. When did the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre happen?
Options: A: 11 April 1919. B:11 April 1923.  C:13 April 1919. D:13 April 1923.
... Answer)
C:13 April 1919.

25. When was the 72nd World Health Assembly held in Geneva, Switzerland?
Options: A: 1998. B: 2004. C: 2010 D: 2019.
... Answer)
D: 2019.

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