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Top Current Affairs GK Questions and Answers 2020 - #13

Current Affairs-GK Questions and Answers Part #13 to enhance your public awarenessCurrent Affairs-GK 2020 questions covering all important events across India and the world. Take advantage of all the important General Knowledge (GK) questions and answers here, free of charge to pass all the competitive exams and interviews.

Top Current Affairs GK Questions 2020 #13

Current Affairs-GK Questions and Answers Part #13 to enhance your public awareness. Current Affairs-GK 2020 questions
Current Affairs GK Questions

When was the Karnataka Bank established?
Options: A: 1924. B:1938.  C:1945. D:1956.
... Answer)
A: 1924.

2. .......... launched CollabCAD in ATL schools.
Options: A: Atal Innovation Mission (AIM). B.NITI Aayog.  C.National Informatics Centre (NIC). D.All the above.
... Answer)
D.All the above.

3. Who is re-appointed as MD and CEO of Karnataka Bank?
Options: A: Mahabaleshwara MS. B.Rajiv Kumar.  C.Franklin Edward. D.Vishaswanath Patel.
... Answer)
A: Mahabaleshwara MS.

4. When was Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) established?
Options: A: 1957. B:1960.  C:1963. D:1983.
... Answer)
A: 1957.

5. Where is the headquarters of Border Road Organisation (BRO) located?
Options: A: Jammu. B.Dehradun.  C.New Delhi. D.Siachen.
... Answer)
C.New Delhi.

6. When was the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY) launched?
Options: A: 2016. B:2017.  C:2018. D:2019.
... Answer)
A: 2016.

7. Who is the Director-General of the Border Road Organisation (BRO)?
Options: A: Lt. Gen. Harpal Singh. B.Lt. Gen. Anil Chauhan.  C.Lt. Gen. Iqroop Singh Ghuman. D.Lt. Gen. Alok Singh Kler.
... Answer)
A: Lt. Gen. Harpal Singh.

8. When was Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana (PMGKY) launched?
Options: A: 2014. B:2015.  C:2016. D:2017.
... Answer)

9. Border Road Organisation (BRO) functions under ..........
Options: A: Ministry of Home Affairs. B.Ministry of Commerce and Trade.  C.Ministry of Defence. D.Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.
... Answer)
C.Ministry of Defence.

10. Bihu is the festival celebrated in ............
Options: A: Arunachal Pradesh. B.Assam.  C.Manipur. D.Mizoram.
... Answer)

11. When established the Border Road Organisation?
Options: A: 1946. B:1953.  C:1960. D:1967.
... Answer)

12. Which state celebrates Pana Sankranti?
Options: A: Madhya Pradesh. B.Uttar Pradesh. C.Odisha. D.Bihar.
... Answer)

13. Where is Zojila located?
Options: A: Ladakh. B.Jammu.  C.Himachal Pradesh. D.Uttarakhand.
... Answer)
A: Ladakh.

14. When is Odia New Year is celebrated?
Options: A: 11 April. B:12 April.  C:13 April. D:14 April.
... Answer)
C:13 April.

15. BRO opened the .......... which connects Ladakh with the rest of the world, after 4 months. It was closed in December 2019.
Options: A: Srinagar-Leh highway. B.Jammu-Srinagar National Highway.  C.Leh-Manali Highway. D.Jammu-Manali Highway.
... Answer)
A: Srinagar-Leh highway.

16. Which Ministry launched the "Young India Combating COVID with Knowledge, Technology and Innovation" (YUKTI) web-portal?
Options: A: Ministry of Science & Technology. B.Ministry of Home Affairs.  C.Ministry of Human Resource Development. D.Ministry of AYUSH.
... Answer)
C.Ministry of Human Resource Development.

17. Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI) functions under ...............
Options: A: Ministry of Human Resource Development. B.Ministry of Science & Technology.  C.Ministry of Education & Research. D.Ministry of Labour and Employment.
... Answer)
D.Ministry of Labour and Employment.

18. Which state's SRLM initiated Didi Helpline?
Options: A: Uttar Pradesh. B.Jharkhand.  C.Odisha D.Bihar.
... Answer)

19. ICMR approved the bioassay laboratory of ......... in Faridabad as an extension of the diagnostic facility of ESIC Medical College and Hospital.
Options: A: Department of Biotechnology based THSTI. B.CSIR-CECRI.  C.NCL D.SCTMIST.
... Answer)
A: Department of Biotechnology based THSTI.

20. KVIC has bagged an order to supply 7.5 lakh pieces of Khadi Masks to ............
Options: A: Uttar Pradesh. B.J & K.  C.Maharashtra. D.Karnataka.
... Answer)
B.J & K.

21. When was the Rowlatt Act passed?
Options: A: 1909. B:1911.  C:1919. D:1922.
... Answer)

22. ........... has developed a double-layered Khadi mask to contain the spread of COVID-19. It has procured orders for supplying it in large quantities.
Options: A: ICMR. B.CSIR.  C.DRDO. D.KVIC.
... Answer)

23. The year 2020 marked the ......... anniversary of Jallianwala Bagh Massacre.
Options: A: 100th. B:101st. C:102nd. D:103rd.
... Answer)

24. When did the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre happen?
Options: A: 11 April 1919. B:11 April 1923.  C:13 April 1919. D:13 April 1923.
... Answer)
C:13 April 1919.

25. .......... is Culturing SARS-CoV-2 Virus for Testing Repurposed & New Drugs.
Options: A: AIIMS. B.Module Innovations Pvt. Ltd.  C.CSIR-CCMB. D.DRDO.
... Answer)

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