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Top Current Affairs GK Questions and Answers 2020 - #12

Current Affairs-GK Questions and Answers Part #12 to enhance your public awarenessCurrent Affairs-GK 2020 questions covering all important events across India and the world. Take advantage of all the important General Knowledge (GK) questions and answers here, free of charge to pass all the competitive exams and interviews.

Top Current Affairs GK Questions 2020 #12

Current Affairs-GK Questions and Answers Part #12 to enhance your public awareness. Current Affairs-GK 2020 questions
Top Current Affairs

Who is the President of Russia?
Options: A: Dmitry Medvedev. B. Recep Tayyip Erdogan. C. Vladimir Putin. D. Boris Yeltsin.
... Answer)
C. Vladimir Putin.

2. When was Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) launched?
Options: A: 2014. B:2015. C:2016. D:2017.
... Answer)
A: 2014.

3. At its _________ session, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) adopted a resolution in April 2011 and designated the observation of the International Day of Human Space Flight.
Options: A: 32°. B:43°. C:57°. D:65°.
... Answer)

4. The Ministry of Finance has announced around _______ 7 crore farmers under PM-KISAN, such as March 11.
Options: A: Rupees 7000 crore. B:Rupees 8000 crore. C:Rupees 11000 crore. D:Rupees 14000 crore.
... Answer)
D: Rupees 14000 crore.

5. When did the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) adopt a resolution to observe the International Day of Human Space Flight?
Options: A: 1990. B:1998. C:2003. D:2011.
... Answer)

6. ________ developed a trunk-shaped device equipped with ultraviolet (UV) germicidal irradiation technology to disinfect grocery items, bills.
Options: A: IIT-Guwahati. B.NCL. C.ICMR. D.IIT-Ropar.
... Answer)

7. On Yuri Gagarin's first space flight, the flight orbited _______ around Earth for 108 minutes on the Vostok 3KA spacecraft.
Options: A: average. B: 1. C: 2. D: 3.
... Answer)
B: 1.

8. _______ works together with tribal artisans, self-help groups (SHG), Van Dhan beneficiaries, and NGOs.
Options: A: NABARD. B.TRIFED. C.APEDA. D.Nafed.
... Answer)

9. Which country made the first space flight and established history?
Options: A:USA. B. Russia. C. Japan. D. China.
... Answer)
B. Russia.

10. Who established a 40-day Lenten period before the Easter festival?
Options: A: Pope Gregory 1st. B. Pope Gregory 3rd. C. Pope John Paul 1st. D. Pope John Paul 2nd.
... Answer)
A: Pope Gregory 1st.

11. Who established the first historic space flight on April 12, 1961?
Options: A: Yuri Gagarin. B.Neil Armstrong. C.Valentina Tereshkova. D.Alexei Leonov.
... Answer)
A: Yuri Gagarin.

12. The Easter festival is celebrated to observe the ________.
Options: A: Birth of Jesus. B. Baptism of Jesus. C. Resurrection of Jesus. D. The second coming of Jesus.
... Answer)
C. Resurrection of Jesus.

13. When did the first historic space flight take place?
Options: A: 1959. B:1961. C:1967. D:1970.
... Answer)

14. The Easter festival is celebrated by ________.
Options: A: Muslims B.Hindus C.Buddhist D.Christians
... Answer)

15. When is the International Day of Human Space Flight celebrated?
Options: A: April 10 B:12 April C:14 April D: 20 April
... Answer)
B: 12 April 

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